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Taiwan Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Taiwan and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Taiwan’s public holidays are provided for by the Ministry of Labor through the Labor Standards Act and its related Enforcement Rules. The Central Personnel Administration in Taipei regulates all non-working national holidays.

Other branches of the government of Taiwan have been known to issue one-time national holidays. These events usually occur due to a state-of-emergency such as a typhoon strike. The government has the right to declare any one-time national days off for any reason.

Many of the celebrations enjoyed in Taiwan are multi-day events. Some of the events will have a second date added to them where the entire workforce has a “make-up” day scheduled to work. These make up days are also issued as part of the national holiday list each year. Many of the make-up days occur on a typical rest day such as Saturday or Sunday.

It is not required by law to pay employees for national holidays. It is only required to provide a day off for the events. However if the employee must work due to the nature of their position, a different day off is to be provided. Private employment contracts may give holiday pay in lieu of a different day off. Some employers will also provide pay for national holidays as a benefit.

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