Public Holidays 2015 and 2016

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Taiwan’s public holidays are provided for by the Ministry of Labor through the Labor Standards Act and its related Enforcement Rules. Article 37 of the Labor Standards Act states that, “A worker shall be granted recess on all holidays, the Labor Day and other days prescribed by the Central Competent Authority.” And Article 23 of the Enforcement Rules state that,

“The annual commemorative holidays mentioned in Article 37 of the Act are as follows:

  1. Founding Day of the Republic of China (January 1),
  2. Peace Memory Day (February 28),
  3. Revolutionary Martyrs Day (March 29),
  4. Confucius Birthday (September 28),
  5. National Independent Day (October 10),
  6. President Chiang Kai-shek’s Birthday (October 31),
  7. Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday (November 12), and
  8. Constitution Day (December 25).

The Labor Day mentioned in Article 37 of the Act is May 1 Labor Day. The other holidays mentioned in Article 37 of the Act as set by the Central Competent Authority are the following:

  1. The following day of the Founding Day of the Republic of China (January 2),
  2. Chinese New Year (January 1 to January 3 of the lunar calendar),
  3. Women Day and Children’s Day combined (the day before Tomb Sweeping Day),
  4. Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival of the lunar calendar),
  5. Dragon Boat Festival (May 5 of the lunar calendar),
  6. Mid-Autumn Festival (August 15 of the lunar calendar),
  7. Chinese New Year’s Eve,
  8. Taiwan’s Restoration Day (October 25), and
  9. Other holidays as designated by the Central Competent Authority.”

Though these memorial days and customary holidays are listed in the enforcement rules, the government is still empowered and responsible to determine which holidays will be commemorated with a public holiday each year. It is expected that the government will release the list of the following year’s public holidays by June of the previous year.


Public Holidays 2015

1 JanuaryThursdayNew Year's Day
1 JanuaryThursdayFounding Day of the
Republic of China
18 FebruaryWednesdayLunar New Year
19 FebruaryThursdayLunar New Year
20 FebruaryFridayLunar New Year
21 FebruarySaturdayLunar New Year
22 FebruarySundayLunar New Year
23 FebruaryMondayLunar New Year
27 FebruaryFriday228 Peace Memorial Day
(Replacement Holiday)
28 FebruarySaturday228 Peace Memorial Day
3 AprilFridayChildren's Day
(Replacement Holiday)
4 AprilSaturdayChildren's Day
5 AprilSundayQingming Festival/
Tomb Sweeping Day
6 AprilMondayQingming Festival/
Tomb Sweeping Day
(Replacement Holiday)
20 JuneSaturdayDragon Boat Festival
10 JulyFridayTaiwan Typhoon Public Holiday
27 SeptemberSundayMid-Autumn/Moon Festival
28 SeptemberMondayMid-Autumn/Moon Festival
(Replacement Holiday)
9 OctoberFridayROC National Celebration Day
(Replacement Holiday)
10 OctoberSaturdayROC National Celebration Day


Public Holidays 2016

1 JanuaryFridayNew Year's Day
1 JanuaryFridayFounding Day of the Republic of China
8 FebruaryMondayLunar New Year
9 FebruaryTuesdayLunar New Year
10 FebruaryWednesdayLunar New Year
11 FebruaryThursdayLunar New Year
12 FebruaryFridayLunar New Year
28 FebruarySunday228 Peace Memorial Day
29 FebruaryMonday228 Peace Memorial Day
(Replacement Holiday)
4 AprilMondayChildren's Day
4 AprilMondayQingming Festival/Tomb Sweeping Day
9 JuneThursdayDragon Boat Festival
15 SeptemberThursdayMid-Autumn/Moon Festival
10 OctoberMondayROC National Celebration Day